We are an aggregate material hauling company that began in 1986 with one truck and the owner. Now we are a fleet of 41 Trucks/Truck Tractors and 26 End dump and belly dump trailers that are capable of hauling anywhere from 14.5 tons (smallest truck) in a load up to 30 tons of hot asphalt, asphalt millings, broken asphalt, broken concrete, dirt, gravel, lime, rock and sand.
 We take pride in our excellent Customer Service relations and a can do attitude when it comes to getting a job done efficiently and with Customer satisfaction.

Our Customers range from:

Large Commercial

Small Business Builders


Single Residential

Apex Trucking Inc.

302 W 61st St. N

Park City, KS 67204

Phone. 316-761-8564

Email. anna@apextruck.com

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